This is Mark Dabney, our warden, he oversees all the events that happen within Telford throughout the year. Mark is responsible for all the members of Telford hall, he has the final say in what can and cannot happen. It is Marks job to make sure that Telford remains a safe and relaxing environment to live in. 

Email: telford.warden@lboro.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1509 222275



Subwardens are assigned blocks within the hall and live amongst the students in the hall. They have more direct contact with the students as they live so close by. Subwardens make sure that everyone is safe and happy. One of the Subwardens will always be on duty after 6pm weekdays, all day at the weekend so if you ever get into trouble they are who you can call to help you out. During weekdays you can visit the Whitworth building if you're experiencing any problems.

Duty Mobile: 07812012252

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