Sports FAQ

What is IMS?

Intra-mural sport, also known as hall sport, is free for all university students to get involved in and consists of 17 halls competing against each other in leagues and one day events.

What are the benefits of IMS?

It’s a really good way maximise your university experience by getting to know and make friends with others in your hall as well as keeping fit and having fun.

Is IMS free?

Yes, IMS is a free programme, however those competing must wear their halls kit, which can be purchased from your sport secs.

What level do you have to be to play within IMS?

Anyone of any ability can play within IMS, so whether you want a more relaxed sporting experience than AU, you’re new to sports or just fancy a laugh, IMS is for everyone.

When is IMS?

Leagues are normally on a set day of the week, which we will find out nearer the time and ODE’s are almost always on weekends.

Is there training for IMS?

For most sports no, but for some sports yes there is some training.

When are IMS trials and what are they like?

If we find a sport has high amounts of interest we will hold trials, however this isn’t always the case and all trials are held within a relaxed environment, so there isn’t as much pressure. We will post all information about trials on Telford loop and on the chat so that you don’t miss any opportunities.

What are mixed sports?

So, within IMS we also have mixed sports, this is where both boys and girls play together, these include sports such as squash, dodgeball and volleyball.

What are the different levels you can play at within Loughborough?

There are 4 different opportunities for you to get involved within sport, all can be found on the link below-

  • My lifestyle- a recreational sporting programme which aims to get new people involved within sport and make new friends, without the competitive edge.

  • Departmental/ social leagues- involves playing within a team of friends or people from your course, it is a free and lower level competition sporting opportunity

  • IMS- involves competitive weekly league or one day event fixtures in over 40 sports to win points for your hall, aiming for the IMS champion award.

  • AU- Athletic union is elite level sport at university, with a range of clubs competing against other universities across the country in BUCS championships.

Can I play both IMS and AU?

Yes, most people play one AU sport and several IMS sports, however if you play at an AU level for a specific sport you will not be able to play this sport within IMS.

When are trials for AU? / how do I get involved?

Most AU sports have trials which are held within freshers, so make sure to sign up on the LSU website - - before freshers or attend the sports bazaar which gives you information on each sports club. Some sports offer taster sessions rather than trials, but both can usually be found on the website or on their Instagram. For example, AU Women’s rugby union Instagram page is @LSWRFC.

Do you have to pay for AU sports?

Yes, you have to pay a membership cost for any AU sport, this can vary between each sport but once you are on the team your coaches will provide you with more information about this.

Do you have to pay for AU kit?

You will need to purchase kit, however not all kit is compulsory for example in rugby you are required to buy home and away socks and shorts, any other kit you can purchase at your own leisure. Your coaches will provide information about compulsory kit and where to purchase this.

When is AU?

All courses have Wednesday afternoons off in order to play sports, this is when AU matches or events will take place. Training varies for each sport, but your coaches will provide you with this information once you’re on the team and leagues start.

When is My lifestyle?

My lifestyle runs throughout the week, and most sports are twice a week. However, some sports can get booked up quickly so definitely book in advance! There are also societies such as dance societies which are a fun alternative.

What are the gyms like?

There are two gyms on campus, Power base and Holywell. Holywell is a more relaxed gym, offering classes, courts and suites which can be booked for hire online. Powerbase is set more towards strength and conditioning and holds the physiotherapy centre. Both gyms are suitable for all level athletes, however some AU clubs require athletes to have memberships at a specific gym so make sure to check this before buying a membership.

How much are gym memberships?

You can choose to buy a membership or pay as you go, all the prices are listed on this website- -  If you buy your gym membership before certain date you can get it a lot cheaper so I definitely advise this.

Where can I find information on sports?

You can go onto the Loughborough university website - - or onto the LSU website for details on all levels and sports. You can also follow lboroAU and lboroIMS on Instagram for information on sports and clubs

If your questions aren't answered here feel free to contact us!