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Hi, we're name is Piers and Jeremiah, your Male sports secs in Telford. We organise all the male sporting teams and events for all the inter hall sporting events (IMS). Make sure you join the ‘Telford IMS’ Facebook group as it’s the best way to keep up with upcoming events and matches. IMS stands for Intramural Sport, which is where students who do not wish to play AU, but want to get involved in some sport during their time at Loughborough can join, and play against other halls within the University. Telford have a good recent track record, as we came 1st in the Women’s IMS, and 2nd overall in 2017/18, which was an incredible result for us. IMS ranges from one day events like Dodgeball and Athletics, to League sports like Rugby and Football. It’s a great way for people to meet and make new friends, and have an overall good time and really enjoy the Telford experience.

 Piers won the award for most friendly person in Telford last year so come ask me anything, sport related or not, and he’ll be happy to help. Relax and look forward to the best year of your life!

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