What are room bonds/deposits?

Room bonds are an initial fee that has to be paid when moving into halls. It covers you from damage and lost items in your hall. But if you do not cause any harm then you will get given this fee back at the end of the year.

What are accommodation fees and how you pay them?

These are the fees you have to pay in order to live in halls. Should you be getting a student loan, this is where an essential part of your loan goes towards. For the 2020/2021 academic year, it will be £4,231.05, split up into three payments. You will get an email from the finance department when this needs to be paid by. To pay, simply visit: and log in to your account. Select “accommodation fees – UA” and input the amount that the email specified.

What are the extra payments to bear in mind of Telford?

Although pretty much everything is covered by your freshers’ subs, there are a few extra costs to think about. For instance, if you want to play IMS we have our very own Telford team tops which you can buy from your sports reps. You will also have to pay a small amount for the ball tickets. This is heavily reduced due to the freshers’ subs, to buy these tickets just keep an eye on the Telford Loop page or freshers page on Facebook. Alternatively, you can come to speak to any of the committee in person and they will be happy to help.