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Hi there, my name is Conor and I am the Telford Hall Chair. My role includes co-coordinating the work of the committee and chairing weekly meetings with the whole of committee. Being Hall Chair includes a little bit of everything, I love helping out each and every committee member in various sections of hall life. If you have questions about anything you can always come to me to ask them and I can point you in the right direction and can pass information to people such as Wardens and Union Exec Officers to increase hall satisfaction. The main thing is for you to have the best year, and I am the one who wants it to be a good as possible, and I am receptive for any new ideas that you have. I am very grateful for being voted into this position, where I meet so many great people and get a deeper insight on how the University and Student’s Union are run. Being a Hall chair is great and I am proud to be the Hall Chair of the mighty Telford! Can’t wait for you to join the Telford fam.

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