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  Congrats on choosing one of the best halls on campus, Telford Hall!

Our freshers 2018 theme has been released and is 'The Fresher Prince of Tel-Air!! Check below for the Freshers Timetable with all our nights out and themes.

We had such a great freshers last year with a Monsters Inc theme, and in 2016 was Charlie and the Chocolate themed. 

Every year all the halls have a competition between one another, this is called the Sing-Off. Each hall comes up with their own chant which will then be taught to you before competing in the Sing-off during freshers, keeping up with the Loughborough competitiveness. 

We're all so excited to meet you and we have such a great freshers planned for you!


            Click here to join our Facebook Freshers page to keep up to date with all              things freshers and to be added to our freshers group chat! 

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