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Hallo freshaaaas!! I’m Amber-Jade and I’m Telford’s Stash Rep and vice chair. As stash rep I design, order and sell any Telford merch - including your fresher packs and tees! I want to see as many of you as possible repping Telford around campus this year, so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook group ‘Telford Loop’ to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest telf trends. There’s also stash left over from previous years so feel free to ask what else is available! Being vice chair means I work alongside hall chair to make sure you have the best year possible. It also means Conor passes any jobs he doesn’t want to do to me, but if you want to buy any stash or need any help whatsoever I’ll be much more willing to help you than I am to help him! (Soz Con find another scivvy) Have the most amazing year! Stash love x

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